sarah anne

My journey with Christ has not been the prettiest. I mean whose has, right? However, through my journey I have discovered these things to be true.... The importance of a relationship with Christ, building for His kingdom through purpose, and the importance of community. 

These three things have transformed my life in a way that I could have never done on my own. I started this blog to extend hope to people who have lost it or need a little more. For those in search of faith in a world where we need it and for love to be the center of our walk with Christ. 

God has taught me that even the things you have no control over can always be turned and used for your good, and those of others. We must allow ourselves to be vessels and masterpieces of the grace and glory of God on our lives. 

Live a life that speaks of His kingdom! 

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Sarah Anne is an entrepreneur, blogger, author, and speaker. Sarah has inspired many, both young and old to embrace their journey and be anchored in faith, hope and love.