Make This Year Count

Every year around about the last week of December we start to think about the next new year. We think about what we accomplished and what we didn't get to accomplish. As the new year rolls in we get excited and compare the new year as a God sent reset button. We set resolutions and commit to them for two weeks but then revert back to the same place we are trying to move pass and out of. Year after year goes by. The only issue with that is the fact that a new year coming in is not the only time to set resolutions and goals for yourself. At any given moment you can make a firm decision to work at the goals you set for your life. Setting goals for yourself and remaining committed is what truly produces results.

The best way for us to get the most out of this year is to be open to it despite what may come. 

One thing 2016 has taught me is the importance of each day. Sometimes setting resolutions to lose weight, or change our diets, even save money and rearrange our lifestyle requires daily productive activity. When you add those days up to the end of this year, you want to look back and see the fruit that is produced in a 365 daily process.

We are at the top of the year of 2017. This year can either be good or bad depending how you view it. It can be a gain or loss depending on what you do with it. 2016 has been a very rough year! My sister's refer to it as "The 16" because it literally felt like a horror or drama film for many. Everything that took place in this world from the mass shootings, to the boycotts, and even personal loss felt as though they came all at once as "The 16" flew by. The year sure did fly by.

I have hope for this year despite what it may bring. Why? Because I have decided to trade my lens for His and truly focus on purpose. What I am placed here to do to make not only here a better place, but most importantly contribute to the Kingdom of God. All of the sounds and noise we hear of chaos will only come as a distraction depending on what lens are in the frame you carry. THERE IS HOPE!

This is a year of EXECUTION! If you had some setbacks in 2016 or felt as if your year was chaotic and went by with no accomplishment you can still make this your year by taking steps towards the resolutions you set for yourself.  I have written some tips to help you stay motivated and focus. Don't let this year pass you by, TAKE FLIGHT!


Here are a few things to keep in mind:


1. FEAR NOT                                       

  • Don't live in fear and step out! Failing or getting a no only gives you a chance to strengthen and go at it again. It leads you to the RIGHT doors. 

  • If you have received a "no" or failed in certain things you wanted to accomplish look at is as directions to a destination. What is this "no" telling me, God? Do not allow fear to creep in!

2. MUTE OUT DISTRACTIONS              

  • If you have a vision, remain focused and determined. Distractions are intended to throw you off course. Identify those distractions. 

  • Be prepared to let go of the very things that hold you back. 

  • Where is most of your time going towards for the day? If it is not going to anything productive, it is a DISTRACTION

3. WRITE IT DOWN                        

  • Write down your goals plain enough that it can be executed properly. Detailed enough to visualize the steps.

  • Write down the habits that hold you back from not only accomplishing the goals you set but being the best YOU! Work at them! 

4. SET PRIORITIES          

  • Procrastination only means that whatever it is that your procrastinating with is NOT a priority in your life

  • Think about it.... When you make something a priority you don't delay, YOU take the initiative. 



  • He has placed vision and purpose in you. Giving up robs others and yourself of the blessings that come from staying the course!
  • No matter how hard it gets this year, no matter what is thrown at you, do not exchange the lens that leads you to your destination, keep pushing!


"Make this year count, because it is never too late. Just don't give up!" Sarah Anne