Week 1: Who Am I?


This first week's journey through maximizing your season of living starts with this very question: 

Who am I?
— Identity

Have you ever sat to wonder or think about who you are? or have you assumed you knew? Most of the time our answers are other peoples answers. If I were to ask someone who am I, it is not a question they can answer. The question would then become who do you think I am, who do you say I am? But even with that, someones perception often becomes our reality and our identity becomes skewed if we do not know ourselves. If we leave this question for others to answer we take on another identity that isn't ours.

Jesus had asked His disciples in Matthew 16:13-16, "Who do men say that I, the Son of man, am? It was interesting to see the response of what people thought He was. His disciples answered and said, "Some say John the Baptist, some Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets."

See right there Christ was perceived to others as prophets that have passed. The ones who did in fact know who He is were His disciples, but the revelation of who He is was only given to them by the Holy Spirit. Jesus then went on to say, "Blessed are you for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven. There are two points here:

  1. Flesh and blood alone can never reveal who you are
  2. The need of the Holy spirit for revelation. 

1. We can never answer such a question, Who am I, let alone leaving that question to hands of other people to answer it for us. When we let others answer that question for us they perceive us an identity that is false. Some people believed Jesus was John the Baptist, or even Jeremiah (all identities that were not so).

  •  I am Sarah, not Amanda, Ashley, Nicole, nor Lisa. Although we may have some similarities we are not the same.
  • We cannot answer that question based off of flesh it is a deeper answer then just the surface and has a deeper root. 
  • We are so much more than what the eyes perceive.

2. In the passage there is an evidence that the Holy Spirit is needed to reveal who you are. The Holy spirit is a guidance that directs and detects, that reveals things. When something has the capacity to guide it is because it knows the origin and destination. Beginning and end. 

  • Jesus always stressed the importance of the Holy Spirit and has promised us that He would not leave us as orphans, but God would send an advocate, the Holy Spirit, who will teach us all things and remind us of the teachings of Jesus Christ. (John 14:15-31)
  • Advocate: a support/ a spokesperson, someone who recommends

Jesus wanted to show us that we cannot know who He is with our own understanding, but that only the Holy Spirit can reveal who He truly is. Same thing goes for our identity. Our DNA is beyond flesh! We always talk about having a "gut feeling" , but the Holy Spirit is that direction that lets you know things with a strong conviction. 

Those are the two things you must understand in order to answer the question: Who am I? 

If you ask me who I am, I answer: I am the Daughter of The most High God set apart for purpose! I am not defined by my flesh but rather my spirit used to glorify God. 

Who you are is not defined by your occupation, status, class, nor ability. 

If I were to ask you who you are now, What would be your answer?

Next Week: Where am I from?

Sarah Dorissaint