Week 2: Where Am I From?

To know where you are going you must know where you come from
— History 101

I was born to a Haitian father and a Haitian/Dominican mother. My maternal grandmother was born to a Dominican mother and French father and my Paternal grandmother to a Haitian mother and father. I can go back and back as far as my great-great grandparents and I am pretty sure it would all trace back to multiple tribes from Africa. 

property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance.
synonyms: inheritance, birthright, patrimony;
— Dictionary

I have always asked myself this question because I was always intrigued with finding out my roots. I dig deep into my family roots till i couldn't anymore. I have even visited Haiti multiple times. Besides the beautiful country, and beautiful culture of Haiti, it was still not enough to answer where am I from. I knew that answering this question would somehow connect me even more to my purpose.

I have tried over and over to define where I am from by my ethnicity and honestly it did not answer the question of true heritage. It only left me confused and wanting to go as deep as I can to a source that would only take me back and back even further because I, like most people, is all mixed up.  I thought I had to go to my roots to figure out who I was and where was I from, but all that I discovered was that my true roots are beyond this land and this world.

Jesus Christ over the course of His teaching here on earth has repeated multiple times that He was not of this world, and that when we become citizens of the kingdom of God, we too are not of this world. 

Heritage is described as an inheritance of some sort whether it be character, principles, beliefs, and ect. Yes we do live on earth and we do have our lives on earth, but we a far more than this world. Our physical bodies may be able to connect to some levels the roots that date back on earth, but our spirit cannot. Our spirits our connected to a kingdom greater than any other, and that is the Kingdom of God. When we answer where am I from based off our earthly roots we really don't get an answer of who we are and what are purpose is on earth. Our purpose cannot and is not connected to our ancestors. 

These five questions we are studying can be answered without the understanding of that, but the answer would only be limited to this world and attached to only this world. 

Our origin and true roots are beyond this world. We are citizens of the Kingdom of God. We are to a great purpose, a greater source and sustain-er. In knowing God and His kingdom we begin to know ourselves in ways we never have before. We than begin to have the ability to answer "Why am I Here?"

I challenge you to look beyond your worldly heritage and into Christ and His kingdom, our true inheritance. Our lives are beyond death, and when we are His when inherit something far more greater that can never be overthrown!

Next week: Why Am I Here?

Sarah Dorissaint